From product ideation to production

R2 Labs is a provider of robotics and automation systems design, development, and implementation solutions that span from product ideation to production

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R2 Labs

Custom Robotics

Our holistic approach to robot building considers all facets of the system, including technical design, human factors, and manufacturability, to achieve the optimal solution.

Architecture & Algorithms

Computer vision, system engineering, model predictive control


Mechanical design, electrical integration

Mechanical design, electrical integration


ROS, Python, C++, Linux, firmware


3D printing services, machining, assembly

Our Work Process

  • 01


    Formulate initial strategy with customer

  • 02

    Design & Develop

    Create drawings, write software, draft schematics

  • 03


    Fabricate hardware components

  • 04

    Debug & Iterate

    Work with customer feedback to fine tune designs

  • 05


    Initiate production run of final product or system

  • 06


    Deliver final product to customer

Recent Work

  • Agricultural

  • Medical

  • Manufacturing

  • R2 Controller

Autonomous agricultural robot

Software development for a mobile robot capable of precision weed removal

  • ◍ ROS2 software stack running on Nvidia Jetson platform

  • ◍ Sensor fusion for GPS-based localization

  • ◍ Vision system for plant classification and tracking

Medical gas generation system

Adaptive model predictive controller for biotech system

  • ◍ Inhaled-gas delivery system for treatment of COVID patients

  • ◍ MIMO control of nonlinear time-varying plant with variable feedback delay

  • ◍ MPC-based approach implemented in PC code with accompanying firmware

Robotic end-effector clamp integration

Integration of machine tool vise with industrial robot arm

  • ◍ Python driver for Profinet control of actuator position and IOs

  • ◍ Ethernet frames constructed using end effector’s specific Profinet configuration

  • ◍ RFID tag reading

  • ◍ Implementation into robotic machine tool pallet loading cell

Robotic end-effector clamp integration

R2 Controller

R2 Labs is designing and building a multipurpose industrial motion controller built on Linux for easier developer access via popular, non-proprietary programming languages and existing open source software libraries.

R2 Controller

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